Glossary – M

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MA – Medical Assistance

MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MAID – Medical Assistance Identification Number

Mainstreaming – Placement of a child with a disability in the regular classroom for part of the school day.

MAMIS – Medical Assistance Management Information System

Managed Care – A method of financing and delivering health care for a set fee using a network of physicians and other health care providers who have agreed to the set fees.

Managed Care Organization (MCO) – A health care plan designed to provide medical services through groups of doctors, hospitals and security providers.

Mania – A symptom of bipolar disorder characterized by exaggerated excitement, physical overactivity, and profuse and rapidly changing ideas. A person in a manic stage feels an emotional high and generally follows their impulses.

MATP – Medical Assistance Transportation Program

MBD – Minimal Brain Dysfunction

MCIS – Managed Care Information System

MCO – Managed Care Organization

MDD – Major Depressive Disorder

Mental Illness – General term applies to severe emotional problems or psychiatric disorders.

Measles – A high contagious viral infection that provides various symptoms and a characteristic rash. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, hacking cough, red eyes, and a red itchy rash.

Medicaid – A federally aided, state-operated and administered program that provides medical benefits for certain indigent or low-income persons in need of health and medical care. Subject to broad federal guidelines, states determine the benefits covered, program eligibility, rates of payment for providers, and methods of administering the program.

Medical Assistance (MA) – A government program that pays medical costs for very low-income people.

Medicare – A U.S. health insurance program for people aged 65 and older, for persons eligible for social security disability payments for two years or longer, and for certain workers and their dependents who need kidney transplantation and dialysis. Medicare has two basic coverages: Part A, which pays for hospitalization costs, and Part B, which pays for physician services, lab and x-ray services, durable medical equipment, and outpatient and other services.

Medigap Policy – A private health insurance policy offered to Medicare beneficiaries to cover expenses not paid by Medicare. Medigap policies are strictly regulated by federal rules.

Meningitis – Infection of the layers of tissue covering the brain and spinal cord. It usually results from a bacterial infection in the bloodstream.

MH – Mental Health

MH/ID Prescriptions – Short term gap funding for mental health prescriptions for adults with serious mental illness who meet specific clinical and financial eligibility guidelines.

MH/ID – Mental Health/Intellectual Disability

MHA – Mental Health Association

MHAP – Mental Health Association of Pennsylvania

MHASP – Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

MHI – Mental Health Inventory

MHP – Mental Health Plan

MI – Mentally Ill

MI/DD – Mentally Ill/Developmentally Disabled

MI-A – Mentally Ill Adult

MI-C – Mentally Ill Child

MISA – Mental Illness/Substance Abuse

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services – Community based services delivered to adults with serious mental health problems to build skill levels and provide environmental supports.

Mobile Treatment Team – Provides assertive outreach, crisis intervention, and independent living assistance with linkage to necessary support services in the client’s own environment.

MOE – Method of Evaluation

Morbidity – The extent of illness, injury, or disability in a defined population. It is usually expressed in general or specific rates of incidence or prevalence.

MPD – Multiple Personality Disorder

MST – Multi Systemic Therapy

MSW – Master of Social Work

Multi-Dimensional Treatment Foster Care – Mental health treatment provided to delinquent youth ages 12 through 17 who reside in specialized foster care.

Multi-Systemic Therapy – Intensive in-home family treatment for youth ages 10 to 18 who have significant conduct, behavior, or substance abuse problems.

Mumps – A contagious viral infection that causes painful enlargement of the salivary glands. The infection may also affect the testes, brain, and pancreas, especially in adults. Symptoms include chills, headache, poor appetite, fever, and a feeling of illness, followed by swelling of the salivary glands.