Glossary – L

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Learning Disorders – Involve an inability to acquire, retain, or broadly use specific skills or information, resulting from deficiencies in attention, memory, or reasoning and affecting academic performance. One specific learning disorder is Dyslexia.

LCE – Liquor Control Enforcement

LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LEA – Local Educational Agency or Law Enforcement Agency

Legal Advocacy – Legal services provided to ensure the protection and maintenance of a client’s/patient’s rights.

Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) – Some states require social workers to be licensed, while certification and registration, whether offered by the state or by a professional organization, is usually voluntary. Holding a license generally requires the licensee to adhere to a code of ethics of professional conduct. If this code is violated, the license can be revoked or other disciplinary actions taken.

LIHEAP – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

LOC – Level of Care

LOCI – Level of Care Index

LOF – Level of Functioning

LOS – Length of Stay

LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse

LS – Learning Support

LSS – Life Skills Support

LSW – Licensed Social Worker

LTC – Long Term Care

LTCF – Long Term Care Facility

LTRC – Long Term Residential Care

LTSR – Long Term Structured Residence