Glossary – G

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GAD – Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Gatekeeper – Primary care physician or local agency responsible for coordinating and managing health care needs of members.

GED – General Education Development

Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Involves excessive, persistent nervousness, worry, and dread about many activities or events. Children’s worries are general and encompass many things and activities, and stress tends to worsen the anxiety.

GME – Graduate Medical Education

GP – General Practitioner

GPS – General Protection Services

Group Therapy – Involves groups of 4 to 12 people who have similar problems and who meet regularly with a therapist. The therapist uses the emotional interactions of the group’s members to help them get relief from distress and possibly modify their behavior.

GS – Gifted Support

GTC – General Terms and Conditions

Guidance Counselor – An individual working in a school who is trained to do screening, evaluations, and career and academic advising.