Erie Sprout / FAQ’s


Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Sprout Stand For?

Sprout stands for Supporting People Through Research, Outreach, Understanding and Time.

Why Was Sprout Created?

The concept of Erie Sprout grew out of discussions among a consumer-driven group of parents, caregivers and youth working alongside human service and education professionals in Erie County, Pennsylvania. As part of the Building Bridges subcommittee, contributors to the development of the Integrated Children’s Service Plan in Erie County, citizens voiced an interest in meeting other parents and youth in our area with whom they could share information, ask questions, and find answers that would meet the needs of many types of families.

Given everyone’s busy schedule, there was a suggestion to develop a website that families could access at any hour, and in the privacy of their own home. A team of designers went to work and listened to suggestions from the community – the result of this process was the website Erie Sprout.

Who Provides Funding For Erie Sprout?

Initial funding for this project was made available as an activity of the Erie County Integrated Children’s Service Plan through the Erie County Department of Human Services. Ongoing support has been made available through the Erie County Department of Human Services and the Erie Family Center for Child Development.

What is the Purpose of Erie Sprout?

The purpose of Erie Sprout is to educate members of Erie County and give them a place to find information for themselves and their loved ones.

How do I Access Old Articles?

All articles published to Erie Sprout are available for free in the Article Archive.

What can I find in the Glossary?

The Erie Sprout Glossary features terms and acronyms for topics such as mental health, education and sociology.