Glossary – F

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Fabry’s Disease – Hereditary metabolic disorder caused by a buildup of glycolipid in tissues. This disease causes skin growths, pain in the extremities, poor vision, recurrent episodes of fever, and kidney or heart failure, and only affects males.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Family Therapy – A therapeutic method that involves assessment and treatment with all immediate family members present. This therapy places emphasis on the family as a system rather than focusing on one person who might be deemed the identified patient.

FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders – Caused by a lack or deficiency of the enzymes needed to break down fats, resulting in delayed mental and physical development.

FB – Family Based

FC – Family Center

FD/FSS – Family Driver Family Support Services

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Administration

FFS – Fee For Service

FGDM – Family Group Decision Making

Fluency – The ability to use a skill with speed and ease.

FOC – Family Outreach Center

Forensic Case Management – A Case Manager who will work with adults with serious mental illness who are also involved in the criminal justice system. Service provides identification, referral and linkage to community resources for mental health and substance abuse problems.

Foster Care – Care provided for children whose families are temporarily unable to care for them. The local government determines the process of arranging foster care. While the foster parent assumes day-to-day care for the child, the birth parents usually remain the child’s legal guardians, allowing them to make legal decisions for the child.

FPIG – Federal Poverty Income Guideline

FSIQ – Full Scale I.Q. Test

FSP – Family Support Plan/Family Service Plan

FSS – Family Support Systems

Functional Family Therapy – Intensive in-home family treatment for youth ages 10 to 18 who have significant conduct, behavior, or substance abuse problems.

FY – Fiscal Year