Community-Based Senior Resources

149 West 22nd Street
Erie, PA 16502
Phone: 814-456-5433 (LIFE)
Toll Free: 1-844-456-5433
TTY: 814-456-7745
Website: www.lifenwpa.org/life-services/adult-day-health-center-life-nwpa-center/

Services: Health maintenance services (health monitoring, therapies and health education), opportunities for positive therapeutic social interaction, and relief for working families and those who provide 24-hour care.

149 West 22nd Street
Erie, PA 16502
Phone: 814-456-5433 (LIFE)
Toll Free: 1-844-456-5433
TTY: 814-456-7745
Website: www.lifenwpa.org/life-services/in-home-care/

Services: Personal response tools, personal care services, light homemaking/chore services, and medical assessment services.

1350 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16508
Phone: 814-456-9962
Fax: 814-456-0595
Website: www.lakeshorecs.org/

Services: Designed for older (over 60) or fragile persons already residing in Lakeshore homes, the Fairfield Retirement program offers the opportunity to relax, have lunch in the park, travel, put in a garden, or even do a little volunteering in other community non-profit settings.se

4245 Union Road, Suite 108
Buffalo, NY 14225
Phone: (716) 634-2261
Fax: (800) 344-4867

PO Box 1936
Erie, PA 16512
Phone: (814) 835-7485
Web: www.icaerie.org

349 West 18th Street
Erie, PA 16502
Phone: (814) 454-2749
Web: www.bethesda-home.org