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Description: The Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy Planner is your tool for quickly assessing your company’s policies, programs, and benefits, and using what you learn to help your employees eat better and be more physically active. We deliver to you a customized, in-depth report to guide you through creating an improved culture of wellness in your company, based on these elements: nutrition recommendations, physical activity recommendations, communications strategies, meetings and conferences, celebrations and fundraisers, and additional obesity-prevention efforts. We also provide an extensive resource library so you will have quick access to resources you need to begin improving your workplace environment. THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO WORKSITE EMPLOYEES – IT IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.

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Description: Healthy Directions is a wellness program to enhance employees and their families with initiatives to become and remain healthy. THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO WORKSITE EMPLOYEES AND THEIR DEPENDANTS – IT IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.

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Description: Through the Content Subscription Service, the American Cancer Society offers employers free electronic toolkit subscriptions that support the health and wellness needs of employees with information about cancer prevention and early detection, and support services and resources for those facing cancer. As an employer, you know that healthy employees live longer, feel better, are more content and productive, require fewer sick days, and help keep health care costs down. Fortunately, your organization has the power to provide your employees with valuable information and resources to help them make healthy lifestyle choices and assist them in staying well and reducing their risk of cancer. THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO WORKSITE EMPLOYEES – IT IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.

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Corporate or Group Wellness Programs: The WAY to Healthy Living provides dynamic programs that address the many facets that influence our ability to feel well and adopt good habits. Available to corporations and other groups these programs are tailored to be identifiable with and meet the needs of the participants for impact.

R.E.A.L. Wellness: Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT has joined forces with Chef Billy Kuntz, ShopChopCook to educate and inspire individuals to return to their kitchen for good health measures in a dynamic and comprehensive six week program. The program addresses the “why” behind our choices in life and provides simple ways to incorporate small things in daily life that make big changes.
Each week covers a different focus to encourage small and simple changes in daily life for the adoption of a healthier lifestyle overall. Daily coaching helps to individualize this program by providing motivation and opportunity for support where needed in order to see the program to success.

Total Body Fitness for Everyone: Individualized exercise program instructed by Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT within a group setting that allows the opportunity for anyone interested in becoming more active to do it while reducing risk and enjoying themselves. Classes are offered in two locations for convenience.

Without using a lot of additional equipment, the base building exercises can be incorporated into day to day living for maximum benefits. Individuals who have a history of injury or pain receive particular attention from a neuromuscular nurse including modifications to reduce the risk of re-injury or exacerbation. Results can be seen in as little as four classes.

Wellness Coaching: Adopting a healthier lifestyle, weeding through all of the information that is available, figuring out how it fits into your lifestyle, and seeing it through is often extremely difficult for individuals to manage. Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT has come from 248 pounds to successfully maintaining a healthier lifestyle without drastic changes, sacrificing, and crazy exercises. Through her coaching services, she not only shows people how to do the same, she becomes their biggest cheerleader with daily support, weekly exercise, and sharing of various resources in nutrition, cooking, finance, attitude & positive perception, social services, etc so that individuals can succeed in moving towards optimal wellness.

Individuals who are seeking change don’t often follow through because of the various factors that come into play including family, expectations, support, etc. Working with a wellness coach helps adjust attitudes, change commitments and keep people motivated to adopt healthier habits in their real life situation. Coaching Services are based upon the Bread N’ Butter of Wellness; Balance, Rest, Exercise, Attitude & Diet.

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Description: Physical Activity competition that pits downtown Erie businesses against each other to see who has the highest total average day’s active.

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Description: Active for Life Online is a 10-week program that uses individual and group strategies to help employees become more physically active. Research shows that people who increase their physical activity, improve their diet, and maintain a healthy weight reduce their risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The program encourages employees to take an honest look at their current activity level and set realistic goals for improvement. Physical activities can range from walking at lunchtime, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or yard work to more strenuous exercise like running, swimming, or playing tennis.

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Health Coaching: Would you like to feel better on a daily basis? If you haven’t been able to improve your lifestyle and health by yourself, then perhaps it’s time to get a health coach. Common reasons for seeking health coaching include menopause management, nutrition guidance and advice on vitamins. This service is not covered by health insurance.

Medical Nutrition Therapy: Many people struggle with eating a balanced diet. This service provides children and adults with one-on-one outpatient appointments with a Registered Dietitian. From high cholesterol to digestive disorders to obesity, the goal is to manage a variety of medical conditions through proper nutrition. Medical Nutrition Therapy is reimbursed by health insurance. We will co-ordinate the referral with your doctor’s office and verify coverage with your insurance company.

Worksite Wellness and Executive Therapy: The goal of this service is to improve the health profile of area businesses. This is achieved by on-site health screenings, wellness programs, health coaching and executive physicals.

Yoga, Wellness Programs, and Health Screenings: From yoga to nutrition classes to health screenings, these programs are designed to help you take better care of yourself and to detect medical issues early.