Advocacy Resources

2700 W 21st Street, Suite 26
Erie, PA 16506
Phone:  814-836-9924
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Always-On-Our-Own/162945027067520

1062 Brown Avenue, Suite 400
Erie, PA 16502
Phone: (814) 452-4865
Web: www.thearcoferie.org

1062 Brown Avenue, Suite 200B
Erie PA, 16502
Phone: (814) 455-3540
Website: http://nwpa-asa.org/

2185 West 8th Street
Erie, PA 16508
Phone: 814-878-2132
Website: www.stairwaysbh.org/

Services: A Certified Peer Specialist is passionate about helping his and her peers on the journey to recovery, and will work one-on-one to ensure that each client’s individual recovery goals are developed and pursued. They assist the client to envision an increasingly meaningful life; make informed, independent choices; set goals, and facilitate community integration.

Palace Centre
913 State Street, Suite 220-230
Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 814-878-2934
Website: www.mhanp.org


Boots On Ground – Peer support program for veterans, ex-military and military families coping with PTSD and suicidality issues.  BOG Buddies, support groups, information and referral.  Connects members with services, therapeutic programs, and crisis services.  More info. at hm2bootsonground@mhanp.org or call (814)878-2934.  Location:  Palace Ctr., 913 State St., Suite 220, Erie.

Additional Information: http://www.veteransportal.com/