Community Shelter Services – Columbus Apartments

655 West 16th Street
Erie, PA 16502
Phone: (814) 455-4369

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Mental Health Association – Make It A Home Always Program

1101 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 814-452-4462
Toll Free: 1-800-640-7961
Fax: 814-459-8833


Make It a Home Always (MIHA) – Mental health consumer operated Permanent Supported Housing Program for adult homeless individuals with mental health history along with co-occurring D&A and criminal justice involvement.  Must meet federal definition of homelessness to be eligible.  Serves up to 13 individuals at a time.  More info. at or call (814)452-4462  x108 or 117.

Stairways Behavioral Health – Fairweather Lodge

510 West 10th Street
Erie, PA 16502
Phone: 814-878-2106

Services: provides very affordable group living while respecting one’s personal freedom, creates a supportive environment in which residents live, grow and learn from others, encourages residents to take part in healthy, decision-making processes, offers support at home and on the job as members live and work together, ensures members receive adequate mental health services including medication, and enhances members’ employability by developing social and work-related skills.