Barber National Institute

100 Barber Place
Erie, PA 16507


Group Homes: 814-878-4078

Supportive Living Services: 814-874-5517

Lifesharing: 814-874-5517

Respite Care: 814-453-7661

Corry Counseling Services – Residential Community Homes

45 East Washington Street
Corry, PA 16407
Phone: 814-664-7761 ext. 111

Lakeshore Community Services – Community Homes

1350 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16508
Phone: 814-456-9962
Fax: 814-456-0595

Services: In Lakeshore Homes, individuals can expect a residential and habilitative program that protects their dignity and health while affording the opportunity to develop new and fulfilling relationships.h