Time Management Tips for Families

February is Time Management Month, and to celebrate we’d like to share this great list of Time Management Tips for Real Families from Zen Family Habits. Regardless of the size of your family, time management skills can help keep everything running smoothly.

Limit Commitments: Rather than participating in something out of a feeling of obligation, try reducing the number of committees, groups or teams you get involved with so that you can focus more time on your family.

Focus on Real Priorities: Focus on the important things first, like paying bills and doctors appointments.

Create a Family Calendar: Make sure it’s easy to use and is accessible to everyone in the family – fill in your family’s regular commitments first, stuff like sports practice and doctors appointments.

Get the Right Tools: Whether you prefer a whiteboard, a paper calendar, or a smart phone, find what works best to manage your time and keep everyone in order.

Be Realistic: Reconsider new responsibilities, especially when they could take time away from your family – learn to say no, and focus on meeting your families needs first.

Reduce Clutter: Keep things organized, and work together as a family to find a logical home for everything.

Work as a Team: Include your family in making decisions, coming up with ideas, and keeping your home organized.

Time management isn’t always easy, and it takes patience to get it just right. Set aside time to get organized and manage your time better – and make sure to include everyone in your family so they can also lend a hand.

For more helpful tips, visit www.zenfamilyhabits.net.