Secrets Grocery Stores Don’t Want You To Know

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Volunteer

  1. The food and drug administration has very strict rules for our safety. For instance over the counter drugs have to have the same amount of the main ingredient in every brand. So for instance Advil and the store brand Ibuprofen have the exact same dosage of Ibuprofen, they both will releive your pain. Only advil is several dollars more. However, they do not regulate herbal remedies. It is always safer to ask your health professional before taking any medication.
  2. The capsules are not always on sale. They want to unload these items and they might be more.
  3. Always check the weight, manufactureers have sneaky ways to “hide” ounces. Don’t believe me check the bottom of your juice. Or compare the cheap bagged cereals to the brand named boxes.
  4. Just because it is brand named does not mean it is all natural or healthy for you. We are very pickey when it comes to dyes. Did you know that some of the brand named yogurts have food dyes in them and the store brands can be all natural for 20 cents less per container?
  5. Watch out for labels that say fruit punch or apple juice punch. These have very little fruit in them and are mostly sugar, dyes and water. All natural is another one to look at, although a little better, they have no dyes or preservatives but they do not hold back on sugar or salt. Only 100 percent is 100 percent.

I look at shopping as a mystery and try to solve this mystery for the cheapest, most healthy and the most tasty for my family. Is saving a dollar worth the the savings when you have to add up the cost of medical bills?