Playground Manners Tip Sheet

Submitted by Pat G., Trauma Outreach and Prevention Coordinator, UPMC Hamot

Did You Know?
Every year Hamot treats children that are injured on a playground. Here are some playground facts:

  • More than 200,000 children, ages 14 and younger, are treated for injuries on playgrounds each year.
  • Most injuries occur on public playgrounds due to falls.
  • Most deaths occur on home playgrounds due to strangulation.
  • Children, ages 5-9, are at the most risk for injury.
  • Climbers cause more injuries on public playgrounds.
  • Swings cause more injuries on home playgrounds.

Safety Tips:

  • An adult should always be able to see the children as they play on a playground.
  • Have an adult check out the playground to be sure nothing is broken and there is nothing sharp that could cause a cut.
  • Share. Everyone would like a turn.
  • Be cool. Wait for your turn.
  • Nobody likes to be pushed or shoved.
  • Take off scarves, mitten cords and loose strings and purses before playing.
  • Take off your hood or put it on and tie it tight so it does not get caught on things.
  • Tie shoelaces to prevent tripping.
  • Use handrails and guardrails.
  • Take off your helmet before you play. It may get caught on something and you could get hurt.
  • Do not run in front of swings and slides.
  • Playgrounds are no place for skates or bikes.
  • Put book bags, books and anything else somewhere safe so someone does not trip on them.
  • Walk far around swings and slides so you do not get hurt.