Personal Reflections on March

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Volunteer

I was thinking what should I write for the month of March. My mind wandered to the word march and I started to compare it to other months and came to the following conclusions. First was the old saying “In like a lion and out like a lamb”. March is the only month that can proclaim this statement. We start the month with freezing winter and end with the hope of spring around the corner. What other month do we see flowers and buds peeping out of a snow covered tree or garden. Second conclusion March gives us hope through a snow storm we have the hope of spring coming soon. I look at the storms in my life and see the hope that I have just around the corner just like the storms help vegetation grow. The storms in my life hep me to grow. My 3rd and final conclusion is March is the only month where the word is a verb an action word. Yes we have the name months April, May, June and August. March is action it can be stern “March into your room right now young man” or can be used softly. My dad used to have the saying when it was time for bed “Now is the time to march up the wooden hill” he used this in the most gentlest way that as a little girl I did not feel threatened but I knew I needed to take action and get ready for bed. March can help us to protest in a positive way where we stand as a group to get our message across to the world. Any way you look at it March is a very unique and individual month a month that gives us, hope to last through out the year.