Maleno Family-to-Family Fund

Written by Beth P., and Rhonda S., Sprout Volunteers

MALENO Family-To-Family Fund of the Erie Community Foundation
Inspired by their involvement in ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition,” featuring local resident Clara Ward, the John Maleno family has established the Maleno Family-To-Family Fund to help other Erie families improve their living conditions. Having supported many local charities and organizations for years, the Maleno’s created the family fund to help them improve the quality of life for other deserving Erie families. Their goal is to complete three to four “mini” home renovation and building projects for other deserving families and neighborhoods this year. Searching for a partner to help distribute the funds, the Maleno family asked St. Martin’s Center to take on the task because of their mission to help local families with housing needs. The Erie Community Foundation will administer the fund.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a resident of Erie County.
  • Maximum household income of $82,000 for a family of four.
  • Minimum of three years of being a homeowner of an owner occupied property on a permanent foundation.
  • Property must be in applicant’s name.
  • Applicant must agree to the signing of required release forms.
  • Applicant must agree to have their credit report pulled and analyzed.
  • Applicant must have current homeowner’s insurance.
  • Applicant must be current on their mortgage.
  • Applicant must be current on their property taxes.
  • Applicant must be current on their municipal utilities.
  • Other vital utilities (heat and power) must be active.

There is a three-year recapture period secured by a forgivable lien if repair costs exceed $5,000.

If the applicant previously received other repair assistance from sources such as HOME funds, funds from the City or County Redevelopment Authorities or Lead funds they are not eligible.

Applicants must agree to mandatory Post-occupancy Counseling consisting of budget counseling and home maintenance education.

*To apply, print off and fill out an application form at

Deliver or mail it to:
Family-to Family Fund
St. Martin’s Center
1701 Parade Street Erie, PA 16503

For more background information on the project visit: