Make Your Own Self-Watering Plants on a Budget!

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Contributor

All over town in any garden shop they sell all kinds of self watering planters. They are also at a great price.
Now you can purchase pretty glass self watering balls at about a dollar a piece. I have found that they clog up with soil and your plant dies.

While waiting in a doctors office I picked up a magazine that had a piece on making your own self watering planters out of water and soda pop bottles. These work great at a fraction of the price and keeping plastic out of the land fills is a green added bonus. They are very simple to make.

  1. Collect and wash all the bottles you want to use.
  2. Cut your bottle about 5 inches from the bottom.
  3. Plant your plant in the top of your bottle.
  4. Fill the bottom with warm water.
  5. Insert the top in the bottom.
  6. Add a bow and place in a window.

Nice addition to your spring planting.