Kids and Texting

Written by Donna R., Sprout Contributor

Do you know when your child is texting? As a parent I was surprised to see how much my children were texting in school. So I started monitering their cell phones. Did you know that with most cell phone plans you can access cellphone records online? When I looked up our cellphone records, I was surprised to see how much texting was taking place in school. So I took action. I let my children know that they were being monitered. I also found out that with some cell phone plans you are able to start and suspend service online with just a click of a button. This was a wake up call for my children who were used to the threat of just having their phone taken away. I also talked to them about texting being a distraction in class. If you are texting in school then you are not paying attention to the teacher and as a result you are not learning anything. Plain and simple, during school hours phones should be turned off According to a new survey by app developer text Plus, which surveyed more than 600 of its users aged 13 to 17, texting is a big problem in the classroom. They said 42.5% of teens admit to texting during class, and more than half of those say they text sometimes or constantly. They also noted that nearly 80% of students say they’ve never gotten in trouble for texting during class. While schools have a “no cell phone” rule for class, it is up to us as parents to be involved and help enforce that rule.