Home Made Simple: 10 Goals Planner

Written by Trisha L., Sprout Volunteer

Accomplish the things you’ve been meaning to do and reward yourself too. With this simply inspiring printable planner from Home Made Simple, you can keep your goals top-of-mind at all times and your accomplishments front-and-center.

Step 1: Print our helpful 10 Goals Planner (or make your own!)

Step 2: Fill it out. To celebrate 2010, the planner includes ten pages, each with a number (1-10). Each page also includes a spot to write a goal, any steps involved and a reward for once the goal is accomplished. Start with a small goal and reward on the page labeled ‘1’ and work up to a big goal and reward on page ‘10’.

Step 3: Place it somewhere handy, where you’re likely to see it every day. You can tack your calendar up in an office or workspace, or add it to a notebook or binder where you keep other to-dos and reminders.

Step 4: Use it! Move at your own pace. Depending on the size of your goals, you can work on accomplishing them over the course of the year, set a monthly timeline or a specific deadline, whatever works for you. You can even get your friends and family involved to help encourage you. When you accomplish a goal, remove the page and celebrate!

Keep Your Goals & Resolutions
Goals and resolutions are easy to make, and equally easy to break. This year try a bright new perspective on your goals for the year by keeping a few of these tips in mind.

Make a few “life-long goals” or resolutions that will have a positive impact on your life in the long term and become a part of your everyday routine. For example, goals related to finances, health and wellness or giving back to the community.

Keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed by breaking goals into manageable chunks—small things you can accomplish easily and big things you can work toward over time. This way, you always feel like you’re making positive progress.

Choose at least a few goals that you have a lot of passion and excitement for to keep your energy and enthusiasm up. This could be anything from a language you’ve always wanted to learn, to a garden you’ve always wanted to start.

If you’re feeling burned out, let yourself take a break. When you allow yourself a break, put a firm timeline on it with a new start date, and keep your commitment. It may help to let others know about your plan so you have the support of loved ones to help you get going again.

Include variety in your list of goals to keep you interested and engaged. For example: instead of just saying “exercise more” think of different activities to try throughout the year like yoga in the winter and tennis in the summer.

With just a simple planner, helpful tips and a little motivation, you can enjoy the sweet feeling of success this year and for years to come.

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