Fun February Holidays

Written by Alicia P., Sprout Volunteer

No Valentine this February? Here are some fun holidays that not a lot of people know about that take place in February. Plan a silly activity to make these usually ordinary days fun and enjoyable for you and your family.

February 4th– Thank a Mailman Day
They go outside when no one else will or wants to. Lets thank our reliable postmen and women! Whether you catch them outside or in the post office, give them a big smile and a thank you!

February 5th– Wear Red Day
Nationwide people are going to wear red to show their support for women’s heart disease. This holiday is a national trademark of the U.S Department of Health and the American Heart Association.

February 5th– National Weatherman’s Day
This day honors those help us decide what to wear every morning. The date, February 5th, is in honor of John Jeffries, America’s first weatherman.

February 9th– Read in the Bathtub Day

February 8th– Clean Out Your Computer Day
De-clog your computer of old files that might be slowing down your old computers.

February 14th– Library Lovers Day
A day typically celebrated in Australia, bring it to the United States and spend some time in your local library! Or maybe just read some books at home.

February 16th– Do a Grouch a Favor Day
Everyone has good days and bad days. Look around for someone in a grouchy mood and do them a favor. It’ll cheer them up! For younger kids, try making it a day to be nice to everyone.

February 19th– Chocolate Mint Day
Celebrates everything that is chocolate mint flavored! Eat some ice cream, cookies, candies—anything you want. Bake a cake or go for ice cream with the family!

February 20th– Love Your Pet Day
This day is all about pampering your pet. Don’t have a pet? Maybe today is the day to adopt a rescued or homeless animal!

February 22nd– Be Humble Day
This day can be a very humbling experience. Practice it today by not bragging or boasting (unless it’s about your kids)

February 23rd– National Pancake Day
IHOP is sponsoring National Pancake Day by giving away short stacks of pancakes for free! Since 2006, IHOP has raised over $3 million to support national charities. Go out for pancakes or make some at home!

February 24th– National Tortilla Chip Day
This holiday pays tribute to one of the most popular munchies. At home try making some homemade dip to enjoy your chips with!

February 25th– National Chili Day

February 28th– Sword Swallowers Day

February 28th– National Tooth Fairy Day
Celebrates a favorite childhood visitors! This day brings a good chance to talk about what happens when our teeth fall out and how the tooth fairy will always find it and leave a present.