Written by Trisha L., Sprout Volunteer

Map My Walk
With the summer finally here, it’s time to get out there and start working off those extra winter pounds you found! If you are like me, I love to just go for a walk. It is cheap, easy and you can do it just about anywhere. The hardest part is trying to calculate how far you went and how many calories you have burned off. With the help of Map My Walk’s website, you can do it all!

Plot your own favorite walking route to creating a new route, you can do it with ease from here. Going on vacation? No problem, you can use this sites easy locators to find a route where ever you may be going. Give it a try and start walking your way to a healthier you! Read more at: www.mapmywalk.com

Pennsylvania Bicycle Trails
Bicycle routes in Pennsylvania can be a wonderful source of exercise and they allow someone the ability to get to know our beautiful state at a slower pace. Bicycle routes in Pennsylvania were designed with experienced bicyclists in mind, either licensed drivers or persons at least 16 years or older with many years of road bicycling experience, because few of the routes contain facilities or bike lanes specifically designed for bicyclists. Be responsible and be safe! Happy Riding!

Presque Isle State Park
We have discovered some of the tried and true activities for you to enjoy while spending the day right at home on Presque Isle. Did you know that there are 11 beaches with advisories posted daily? You can swim or sunbathe, run, walk, bike or blade! The Karl Boyes Multipurpose Trail loops around the park with 13.5 miles of flat surface for you to navigate this summer!

If 13.5 miles seem overwhelming, you might enjoy exploring one of many hiking trails that add up to almost 10 miles worth of Presque Isle trails. There are many pavilions for rent, or you can enjoy the natural surroundings while spreading out a picnic lunch in a shady spot.

If you want a cooler experience, try out the water while gliding in a boat. The lagoons are open for eco-paddling, kayak rentals and lessons, pontoon boat rides, and the Lady Kate 90-minute boat tour! If all that sounds too exhausting, then just sit back and enjoy the ferry boat to Erie.

Why not end your serene day with a stop at the two learning centers available? Both are free and have convenient hours. Stull Interpretive Center is open from noon until 4 pm while Tom Ridge Environmental Center is open from 10 am – 8 pm.