Finding a Job This Summer

Written by Rebecca M., Sprout Contributor

If you were to walk down an aisle of any department store right now you would notice the clothing is lighter than winter clothing. Seeing the clothes means summer is just around the corner. With summer comes teens looking for summer jobs to make some extra cash. Some teens need to earn and save money instead of blowing it all on stuff they think they need but really don’t. I am guilty, as a teen, of doing this, I buy clothes but I hardly wear them. I am saving more than I spend now. I am learning how to hang on to my money for a longer period of time.

Some parents force their kids to find a summer job, so their kids aren’t just laying around all day all summer. Some parents think by the age of seventeen or even sixteen that their kids should start having more responsibilities. They want their kids to learn the ethics of hard work. Many parents think their children should start having a sense of what life will be after high school and college. This is known as the “The Real World” for many teens.

If you were to ask me if I was planning on working over my summer vacation over my high school years, my answer now would be yes. The answer two years ago would have been no. At the time back then I didn’t want to work, I felt like working was for the kids that didn’t have friends and that’s how they spend their summer. I was totally wrong about that way of thinking about summer jobs. There are several reasons why I got a summer job, and some stick out more than others. The first reason would be, having a summer job will give me something to do instead of hanging around my house or a friend’s house all day long and having nothing to do. Second reason would be, the job gives me money of my own that I can spend instead of always asking to borrow money from someone in my family. I can also save for something that I really want, and when I get what I have been saving for I feel happier because I bought it and had no help from anyone with the money.

I was talking to some of my friends that I go to school with, and we started talking about summer jobs. I asked them how many of them have a summer job that they will be starting or going back to, two of them have a job they are going back to because it’s a seasonal job. Three of them told me they will be continuing working for the place that they do now over the summer.