Family Activities to Celebrate Poetry Month

Submitted by Ally M., SPROUT Contributor

April is National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month is a month-long celebration of poetry created in 1996 to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry! Poetry is a great way to practice reading and writing, while inspiring creativity! It’s also a great way for children to express themselves—and it’s fun too!

Here are some fun activities to do to celebrate Poetry Month:

Random Word Poem

  1. First, you will need to create your word cards. Cut index cards into small pieces. Everyone shares interesting, funny, unusual, or favorite words to write on the cards. Try to get a good mix of things, colors, sounds, places, names, and animals. You’ll want at least 20 words per poet.
  2. Once you have a stack of words, toss them all into a hat or bag. Decide how many words you will use for your poem. Pass the hat around, choosing one word at a time until you have enough.
  3. Now it’s playtime! Move your words around into phrases and lines.
  4. When your poems are all done, take turns reading them aloud!

Acoustic Poems

  1. Write your name vertically on a piece of paper.
  2. Now write a word that describes you, using the first letter of your name. Do this with all the letters of your name.
  3. Here is a poem written by Ally, an Erie SPROUT contributor:

After you’ve written an acrostic poem using your name, try writing poems with other words, such as “football,” “horse,” or “summer.” For a real challenge, see if you can make the acrostic poem tell a story rather than just describe the word you chose.

Other activities to have fun with poetry:

  • Make a quilt out of cloth or paper illustrating your favorite poems.
  • Make mobiles, murals, or bookmarks based on your favorite poetry characters.
  • Put on plays, dances, or puppet shows based on your favorite poems (ex. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein)
  • Write a poem in which the SHAPES of some of the words look like their meanings.

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