What to Expect When Entering High School

Submitted by Rebecca M., Sprout Contributor

Do you remember your very first day of your freshmen year of high school? Can you think back to your last day of middle school? Do you remember if you had a carefree outlook on life at the time? Did you have that feeling because you were going to be a freshmen and nothing was cooler than being in high school? Do you remember if you were nervous about starting high school for the first time? Were you scared about starting in a whole new school, whole new building, and being with more kids than your middle school could hold?

The month of August can be very nerve racking for upcoming freshmen. Some kids may be nervous about finding that crowd to be themselves around all the time, or what clubs to join, or what sports they should try going out for. I totally get that summer before high school most kids think differently about things. I thought high school was just another way to make friends, and planned to enjoy school as best as I could. I was going through a rough patch in my life so I can understand why some kids may be nervous about starting high school. No matter which grade you are in, every first day of school is boring. I feel like all the teachers have to say the same exact thing as the one before them.

When entering high school be aware of all the clubs, activities and sports you might like to join. Parents, teachers and other family members may tell you something like, “Its high school, time to get involved.” Well take it from someone who never did a sport nor club in middle school, but decided to join them in high school . All the clubs, sports and activities you join pay off in high school. It is good to be involved in your school, and joining sports teams and clubs is a great opportunity to meet and make new friends. You can even be excused from school for travel related to school sports and activities. I know some of you may be really shy. I totally understand because, believe it or not, I was very shy when I started high school. But once I got involved I made friends, and that helped me to be less shy both in school as well as outside of school.

The first few days of my freshmen year were very overwhelming, however, I got through them and I am sure the new freshmen will get through it as well. What helped me was having the Freshmen Orientation before the school year started. I am pretty sure all the high schools have that. They bring freshmen students into the school and give them tours, let them have their schedules, and let them walk around to find classrooms so they feel more comfortable finding their way around when the first day finally comes.

As I enter my final year of high school, I think back to my worries about starting in a new building and being a freshmen. I was worried about getting lost trying to find my classes, which never happened luckily. I was worried about missing my bus at the end of the day, and thankfully that never happened either. But all the worries did go away after I got used to the high school setting. I feel for new freshmen and understand their worries about high school. Try thinking about it like this, “I made it through the last eight years of school, I can make it through the next four.” Just think, only four more years of high school, then the choice is up to you on what you want to do next.