Earth and Budget Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Volunteer

With the way the economy is every one is pinching pennies. We are also more aware of going green. Here are some of my favorite cleaning supplies that are either money or earth friendly.

Rubbing alcohol: If you look at the main ingredient of hand sanitizer it is rubbing alcohol. I have a big spray bottle of this on my kitchen counter. I use this for cleaning my counter tops, windows, mirrors and hands. During cold season I spray my dishes before washing to sanitize them. I also spray my knives and cutting boards after preparing any raw meats ESP. chicken.

Bleach: A little splash in the toilet once a week cleans my toilet just as good as the expensive cleaners.

Baking soda and white vinegar: Makes a good non abrasive cleaner. This is also good for a clogged drain.

Dish soap bleach alternative: Works well as a gentle all purpose cleaner and a spot remover on clothes.

Peanut butter: Yes you read this right. This gets gum out of hair and crayon off walls. Just wash your hair good with shampoo and the wall with dish soap.

Walnuts: This gets rid of scratches on the furniture and wood floors. Polish with a little lemon juice afterworlds.

Tooth paste: This is a nice nonabrasive cleaner for smooth top stoves.

Hair spray: Takes ink off of walls and clothes. Spray and blot immediately.

Yes, some of these ideas are weird but I have used them and they all work well.