Source: Federal Occupational Health (FOH)

DON’T base your happiness on how other friends or family members behave.
Instead, change your response to the behavior. If Uncle Fred usually drinks too much and starts telling bawdy stories, chances are he’ll do it again. You can decide to take a walk after dinner or otherwise divert yourself.

DO delegate. Ask for help. Stay at the dining room table and talk instead of clearing the dishes. Lower your neatness and cleanliness standards. Give others the opportunity to take up the slack.

DO simplify tasks at this time of year. Bakery cookies taste almost as good as homemade. Organize shopping rather than mindlessly wandering through the mall without a plan. Use catalogs. Decide what must get accomplished and what can get dropped. Neglect the housecleaning and spend time talking or reading to your loved ones instead.

DON’T expect things to be perfect. Allow for tears, frustration, anger, stress and fatigue. The holidays are stressful for everyone, especially kids. Build in down time.

DO take care of your body. Allow yourself to eat good food and to stop when you feel full. Get plenty of exercise and sleep.

DON’T overindulge in alcohol as a way to temporarily escape seasonal tensions. This “remedy” has a sneaky way of making matters worse.

DO pay attention to your spiritual side. Live in the moment. Notice the little things that make the moment special.

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