Cheap and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Contributor

We are getting close to crunch time. Crunch time of what? Halloween Costumes!

Here is a list of ten quick costumes anyone can make at the last minute.

Jelly Fish

  • Take a wide brimmed hat from a thrift store and tape 3 foot long crepe paper strips around the brim, leaving room only for the child’s face.
  • Finish the costume with a black coat and pants.


  • Stuff a light-weight sleeping bag and roll it up to make the shell.
  • Attach to an old backpack with plastic packing tape.
  • Finish the costume with black coat and pants.
  • For tentacles, attach pom poms to a pipe cleaner, and attach that to a head band or black hat from the dollar store.

Scare Crow

  • This is great for a baby.
  • Dress the child in blue jean overalls and a plaid shirt.
  • Make the “straw” out of yard ties to the babies wrists and ankles.
  • Finish by tying yarn to an old cap or knit hat.


  • This is great for an adult couple.
  • Take 4 large poster boards, cut out 2 honey pots and 2 half moons.
  • Tape one half to the front and one to the back of an old sweatshirt.
  • Your sweetie and you are now a honeymoon.


  • Cut the top and bottom off of a large box, wrap in birthday or Christmas paper, add ribbon shoulder straps and a big bow on the head.
  • Also try cutting legs and arm holes in a plastic bike bag from the dollar store, and loosely tie a big bow around the neck.


  • This one can be pricey.
  • Buy a large pinata, cut the top and bottom off, and add ribbon shoulder straps.

Pokemon Card

  • Take two poster boards and draw the front and back of a pokemon on the boards.
  • Add ribbon shoulder straps.
  • This can be done using any popular trading card; have your child design his or her own.

Lamp or Candle

  • Dress your child in a plain sweat suit.
  • Find an old lamp shade and they are instantly a lamp.
  • For a candle make a flame mask out of felt or cardboard, making sure to leave plenty of space for eye holes.
  • With these ideas, your child will brighten up any party.

Magic Carpet

  • Use an old throw rug or buy a cheap one; a large bath towel of blanket will also work.
  • Cut a hole large enough for the child’s waist and sew it to an old pair of jogging pants.
  • Glue cardboard to the bottom of the “rug” so it looks like the child is in the middle of a rug when they put the pants on.
  • For a final touch, stuff pants and shoes with stuffing or newspaper and sew to an old sweat shirt.

Ask Your Child

  • Always ask your child what they would like to be. Three of these ideas were my son’s, and together we made his costume.

Keep it simple, and have a spooktacular Halloween.