Autistic – A Poem by Mo Severance

He fixates
And appears to be in a state
He bangs his head
Instead of feeling being said
He flaps his hands
And in line can’t stand
It’s hard to be still
And on one subject he can’t fill
He needs his space
But gets in your face
He may not like how things feel
And always wants the same meal
Maybe if you would see
Then he could be free
He’s not a freak
Of condemnation you reek
The problem is not his
And no one’s business
About Autism please learn
Instead of being so stern

Trains and Fun – A Poem by Mo Severance

Listening to fun
When feel the need to run
A little train
Keep us sane
A good book
And Dr. hook
Some Maroon 5
Wish he could see them live
But crowds are too much
Sights, sounds, and touch
Over stimulated
With Autism he was fated
Maybe if outside
At Rusted Root he didn’t hide
Had a good time
Even if in my lap he climber

Thank God for good music and it’s healing power!