Anticipating Spring: 10 Activities To Help Pass the Time

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Volunteer

I would like to dedicate this article to Trisha who really loved her children and loved to spend time with them. Trisha, I will miss you and the void in my life the short time that I have known you!

  1. Play a new twist on I spy. “While waiting for spring to come I see….” Here is an example: “I see something coming up from the ground.” (a flower bud )
  2. Have a indoor picnic.
  3. Take a bag of rice and make a indoor sand box.
  4. After using all of your eggs take the egg carton and fill it with dirt. Start planting seeds in the carton and move the plants into your garden when spring does arrive.
  5. Remember the days of pet rocks? Well why not have a pet bean plant? Saturate a cotton ball with water (a paper towel works well too). Place the cotton ball in a corner of the plastic bag. Place the bean seed on top of the cotton ball. Blow air into the bag and rubber band the bag shut. Tie a pretty ribbon that is large enough to hang around your neck to the top. Your child can wear this necklace while waiting for spring to come.
  6. Make your own hairy green monster. Take a foam coffee cup and add cotton balls or cotton stuffing. Make a face with crayon on the cup (markers do not work).Fill the bottom 1/4 full with water making sure all of the cotton is wet. Add grass seed. After a while the grass will grow and your child can cut his hair.
  7. Make indoor lawn just like #6 only use a large sponge and add water and grass seed. When you are done and the grass is grown you can make it an Easter decoration by adding colored eggs.
  8. Does your child have a favorite outfit or shirt that they love but you know when winter comes again it will be to small? You make it into a spring outfit by cutting the sleeves or making jeans into shorts. Get out the fabric markers and you can make a new, spring outfit.
  9. Make a new spring tote out of an old t-shirt. Cut off the sleeves and neck to make the handle. Sew the bottom shut and you now have a new tote!
  10. Play hopscotch inside. Use old newspaper to make your inside board.

Just think, in a few months we will be complaining about how hot it is!