50 Ways to Please Your Loved One

Written by Marilyn B., Sprout Volunteer

When I was thinking of what to write for my February article for the web site, the song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” came on the radio. I stated to think if I could come up with 50 ways to please my loved ones without spending much money. So here is my list!

1) Take a walk

2) Go to the first place you met

3) Write them a small note and place it in a special spot

4) Pick a bouquet of their favorite wild flower (mine is the dandelion)

5) Rub their back

6) Do a fun-filled prank (like make a yellow cake to look like french fries)

7) Make their favorite food

8) Make a day just for them. We do this on our children’s birthdays. They get to pick what we do as a family for the day and what we eat for dinner. We also let them get away with things that they normally do not get away with. For example, eating in the living room

9) Have a picnic on the floor

10) Have an afternoon or evening when you do not talk about any issues or problems–just good things.

11) Do a scavenger hunt

12) Hve a fun contest like, “Who can stand on one leg the longest?”

13) Do something they normally are responsible for. If your wife always makes the coffee why don’t you make it one morning. If your husband usually takes out the garbage why don’t you do it instead?

14) Call their best friend and set up a surprise guys or gals night out.

15) Draw bath water and a bubble bath for them

16) Say, “Thank-you.”

17) Spray your bed sheets with there favorite cologne

18) Have a “No Whining Day”

19) Copy a favorite photo of you and place it in their underwear drawer

20) Take the kids out and let them have the house to themselves to do whatever they want to do

21) Really listen to them

22) Forgive them

23) Admit when you are wrong

24) Look at the positive side of them

25) Tell them their positive traits

26) Have a family game night

27) Play a game just you and your partner

28) Listen to their favorite radio station

29) Get out the old stereo (if you still have one) and the old vinyls

30) Get out the old slides or videos of your family, pop some popcorn and have a family movie night starring your family.

31) Just you and your spouse look over the wedding album

32) Look at several albums as a family

33) Talk as a family about one special memory

34) Try to relive a special memory.

35) Call a loved one that you lost touch with or-

36) send a card to a loved one you lost touch with

37) Save their favorite T-shirts and make a quilt (this one may take some time–but you could start now!)

38) Have a day where you take the time to do something special with a loved one

39) Make ornaments (not for Christmas) and then make a mobile and hang it in their room (you can do this with your loved one)

40) Turn off the TV and video games for 24 hours

41) Stomp through mud puddles

42) Jump in the leaves together

43) Make a snow man

44) Make a snow fort

45) Make snow angles

47) Pack a thermos with cocoa and drive to lake Erie. Dress warm see what the ice fishermen are doing

48) Make an indoor fort with pillows and blankets

49) Have an indoor snow ball fight using rolled up socks

50) Use your imagination and think of your own way to please your loved one

If we spend time our time pleasing our loved ones, it may change the family dynamics for the better!