5 Foods for Healthy Skin

Submitted by Ally M., Sprout Contributor

During this time of year, holiday lights and fireplaces are glowing. Wondering how to keep your skin glowing, too, during this challenging season? Be sure to have these five foods in your shopping cart to keep that naturally fresh complexion all year round!

Avocado – provides essential fatty acids, B3 vitamins and Vitamin E. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent for your skin.

Grapefruit – This citrus fruit keeps skin looking youthful and glowing due to the Vitamin C that supports collagen production.

Almonds – The Vitamin E in almonds prevents premature aging and repairs dry skin.

Whole grains – help combat acne due to high levels of zinc.

Green, leafy vegetables – Dark greens such as spinach and kale are rich in hyaluronic acid which helps skin retain moisture.